Welcome to our new and improved website. This is the first of a whole host of changes being made to our whole online presence, this year f3 have decided to take upon the task of boosting their online image, making us able to have more direct interaction with our already existing and valued clients as well as any prospective ones. We have some new and exciting features which we feel will really benefit you when navigating the site, and for more clarity on the service we offer.

New Features

News Integration

One of our most exciting new features is the ability to publish news articles. With this, we aim to keep our audience in the loop of any ongoings around the f3sheetmetal workplace.

Contact Form

You can now contact us directly from the website by using our contact us form, located to the right of every page you visit. This can be used for any queries you have, we aim to reply to you via e-mail or phone within two working days.

Evolving our social media

We can be found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Instagram. We aim to improve our activity on these significantly, allowing us to respond to any quick questions, and also allow us to post updates from around the site.

Downloads page

You can find useful links on our downloads page such as our brochure and important documents regarding our ethical policies.


Our gallery will be updated regularly to show you around the f3 warehouse, giving you an access all areas pass to see how we work on a day to day basis.


Company Video

We are also putting the final editorial touches to our company video which should debut on our website sometime in the upcoming week. Keep checking back to see what is a behind the scenes tour of our factory!