Here at f3 we offer a wide range of products available for production. Whatever your requirements are we have the facilities to fit your needs, by using our precision laser we can ensure that every detail is inch perfect.

Product Outline

We have the facilities to manufacture almost anything from Sheet metal and tube, out of a vast range of maDSC_0034-minterials, including mild (CR4), zintec, galvanised, and stainless steels, aluminum, brass, or copper, plastic coated materials.

Our manufacturing control allows us to operate to provide the best client service, whether your requirements are for just in time processing (JIT), Kanban deliveries, or a fully collated and packaged product, coordinated with other outside contractors.

These products can then be finished to your requirements, electro plated, powder coated, stove enamelled, polished, or just left natural, products can also be screen printed to add that finishing touch.

Regular Products:

  • Brackets (Small and large)
  • Fire alarm enclosures
  • Point of sale displays
  • Machine components
  • Computer storage & charging cabinets

Product Manufacturing

Items that we manufacture range from the simplest flat metal plate with a single hole to the complex larger assembly containing numerous components that have been punched, formed, machined, welded, sanded, plated, painted, ink-screened, installed with hardware, and mechanically assembled together using screws, rivets or weld.

Most parts will also require additional operations including a finishing operation (either painting or plating) prior to packaging and shipment.

F3 Sheetmetal prides itself not only for supplying the finished product to customer satisfaction but for also providing the complete fabrication service required of today’s ever changing global market.

What we produce is more than just the parts we ship, F3 Sheetmetal strives to excel with constant communication with our clients to ensure the end product satisfies them completely. Customer perception drives F3 Sheetmetal to deliver competitively priced and high quality products.

Cabinets & Computer Storage

F3 make a wide range of cabinets; from simple storage devices through to the highest specification secure computer storage. Our ability to design and deliver not only the cabinet but the electrical components in-house makes F3 a complete turnkey service provider for metal cabinets.

Our largest customers provide equipment to areas such as fire safety and computer storage. Our precision engineered sheet-metal cabinets, chassis, supports and panels are mainly used for fire alarm systems and computer storage applications, but we also produce components for a variety of refrigeration equipment, control boxes & for the POS.

F3 cabinets are also able to be used for a wide range of uses, even chemical storage cabinets.