F3 Sheetmetal ensure they stay true to their word when stating that they offer the highest quality service. F3 ensure that their equipment is the latest in the industry, by constantly investing in our warehouse to have the most up to date techniques and machinery to provide the highest quality product.

Design and Development

Not one design is the same. Our experienced design department can take a design of any type, whether a detailed mockup or a basic concept, our team will evolve your idea by applying their own skills and industry knowledge into a 3D mockup using state of the art software. Constant communication is key, and our design department will remain in regular contact with the client to ensure that the final product satisfies their needs completely.

F3 uses state of the art Radan software alongside market leading 2D and 3D design packages to create a visualised mockup of any product. Using this we can analyse every single component in the product, showing the materials used and what the internal workings look like.

Our software exports directly to our machines, meaning that you can be sure no errors arise in the transfer of design stage to manufacturing stage. All design services are produced in house just like the rest of our production stages.

Laser Cutting Services

Laser Technology is the center of all Quality Metalwork.

F3 operate an Amada laser with a capacity of 16 mm mild steel and sheet sizes up to 3000mm x 1500mm. Due the lasers versatile nature we also offer the ability to cut a maximum thickness of 8mm ally and 10mm stainless steel again in the above sheet sizes. We also boast the capability to cut a variety of materials, including;  brass, copper, gold, silver and any other exotic materials.


As with almost all of our plant and machinery programming is carried out offline, and product can easily be switched between laser and punch to provide the most economic manufacturing methods.

About The Laser

The development of laser systems for use in industrial environments during the eighties marked the beginning of a revolution in material-processing.

The high power-density in the spot of the focused laser beam melts almost any material in a fraction of a second. Cut without contact or force exertion on the work piece, we deliver; high processing speeds with minimal distortion of the work piece can be achieved together with the reduction of wear, improving lifespan and quality.

Today, the laser is a common tool, primarily used for cutting, welding and marking.

The laser beam is a multi-functional tool. The work piece geometry can be simple or intricate – the laser beam can handle it all in the right hands.

The laser’s strength in cutting lies in its ability to process a vast range of materials, whether thick or thin. The lasered work pieces have cut edges of highest quality and do not need to be refinished, immediately ready for assembly, a huge advantage.

Punch Services

Punching is the first process in our manufacturing line. We currently have 2 punches available for use, the Trumf punch and the Amada Pega, both machines have their different strengths and we will chose the appropriate one depending on your specification.

The advantages of Trumpf technology are world renowned and for speed and accuracy, they are the best machines available in the world today for this type of service.

Trumpf punching machines are tailored to meet exacting market requirements. A host of innovative technologies and unique concepts assure short machining times and highest work piece quality.

  • Hydraulic punching head with 360 – rotation (Trumpf)
  • High stroke rates
  • User-friendly linear magazine
  • Modern controller technology
  • Stable C frame
  • Large sheet capacity 2500×1250 up to 3mm thick

These techniques enable Just-in-time production, small lot sizes, shorter innovation cycles and complete processing at low cost.

Sheet metal strongly influences shapes, tools and functions in many areas of daily life. Whether in plants and machinery, in telecommunication, transportation and the automotive industry, electronic devices and furniture: processed sheet metal shapes space and content, operational sequences and also creates applications.

Along with our Trumpf punch system, the Amada punch press allows a wide range of tooling including many special punches, for many types of electrical fittings.

The Amada punch boasts 56 Stations and can be readily set for that complex bracket with many different hole sizes.

Folding Services

Folding is the process of bending the materials. These can be sharp bends or rounded. With four machines and a variety of different tools, we guarantee to meet your requirements.  We use Wila and Eurostar tooling methods depending on what you require. The type of bending we offer various between product, but we use coining and air bending methods.

MachinesAmada HFP 80-25 NT
Trumpf 3120 Series (Wila)
Elga Press & Shear
Amada HFE 80-25
(Eurostyle AFH)
Max Size2.5m3m1.5m1m2.5m
Max Thickness80ton120ton35ton20ton80ton
Max Aperture450mm400mm450mm
Axis6 axis6 axis4 axis
PurposeBendingAir BendingOverbending/SquashingBend little items/componentsBending

Insert Machines

At F3 we have four insert machines of which two are Haeger, these are state of the art touch screen interactive machines, allowing us to set the required pressures to suit the job. Insert machines are normally used to put hinges, squash pins, studs and stand offs into metal worked products. We have a variety of tools and thickness to meet your needs. Our variety and wide range of insert machines allows us to use various pressures and special fixings which are made to fit your product.

Welding Services

We are able to offer a comprehensive range of welding services which include ARC, MIG, TIG and spot welding and are able to apply these to a wide range of materials including aluminium, stainless steel, Zintec and CR4. Using fettling techniques we ensure all metalwork is clean before welding begins.

Our welding department are able to respond rapidly to all sizes of contract, we also have the ability to offer coded welding services.

Painting & Metal Finishing

In addition to supporting our metal fabrication and electrical services we have in house capability for:

  • Powder coating
  • Stove enamelling
  • Silk screen printing

We also have well trusted suppliers for a range of ancillary services including:

  • Electro Plating
  • Polishing
  • Engraving

A variety of paint finishes can be supplied to meet your particular needs, for any climatic region. We can accommodate specifications ranging from a standard powder coat to two pack epoxy paint suitable to withstand the most extreme of climates.

Before painting we put our metals in a prep tank to degrease them. During this process we apply a protective phosphate anti rusting coating.

Panel Wiring

F3 provides panel wiring to customer specifications for a wide range of services including cabinets and fire protection panels.

We provide full electrical panel wiring for computer storage and mobile solutions as part of our turnkey solution provision.

Tool Sharpening

F3 provides same day tool sharpening services for customers with both Amada and trump punch machines. We have the capability to sharpen up to E station punch and dies and have the ability to sharpen whisper and roof top punch tools for Trumpf machines using a special jig. We can also sharpen Trumpf Dies, LVD dies etc.

The machine we use is an Amada Togu which is extremely accurate and provides a quality finish.

F3 Tool sharpening price list


At F3 we work with a variety of different types of material, a benefit of our versatile state of the art machines we use. These machines have different tools to fit your type of material. The most common materials that we work with are listed below, but feel free to send us a sample and we will happily work with you to match your requirements.

  • Mild steel – CR4
  • Zintec
  • Galvanised
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Plastic

For more information on our equipment specifications please refer to the company presentation we have featured on our downloads section of the website.

After Production Service

As standard we ensure your final product is packaged safely and securely by our dedicated delivery team. We want to make sure your product arrives as described and at the same high quality standard as it was on our factory floor.

We offer a delivery service to all customers, ranging from our own dedicated delivery team to a courier service if you are a long distance client.